Here is some of the feedback we have received

"…. really don’t know how we would have coped.  Just knowing that she is at Heartfelt has been a tremendous relief as we know that she is receiving the best care as well as love and understanding which is so very important -  we are all so happy that we didn’t have to put her in one of the local frail cares where she would have hated every moment  ….   we do have the comfort of knowing that she has been cared for with love.  You and your staff are amazing.  Thank you." - Carol Cowie

"Heartfelt was the answer to the agony in our hearts and the reassurance that mom would never again be neglected. Thank you to you all for handling so tenderly the woman who once took care of me, and fought for me fearlessly, tirelessly and faithfully and who now needs the same care. You have given her a home where she feels safe and loved. And we will be eternally grateful to you." - Cathy Howard 

"Words simply cannot sufficiently express our gratitude for the love and care you and your caring staff showed to dad over these past few years. When he came to Heartfelt, he was a very angry person but I firmly believe that through your ministry of care he came to know a peace that he had not felt for a very long time. Jill and I will never forget our last visit, he was awake and alert and in a special way we were able to say goodbye." - Gavin Morley

"There are no words to describe how thankful I am that dad spent his last years where he was so loved and cared for. The change in him was so wonderful to see – from someone angry and confused to someone finally at peace with the world. That change was because of the love and care you, Mark and your wonderful ladies gave him. Thank you! It is sad and hard, but I went to say goodbye to dad at the funeral home this afternoon and he looks at peace. Thank you again for all your love and support it has meant so much. Blessing to you and all at Heartfelt." - Sue Maherry

"I want to thank you again and again for the love and care that you have given to John. I feel it so much that I don't have the words to express it fully, and THAT is most unusual for me! What I do know is that you and Mark are doing God's work in a very clear and unmistakable way - I have never encountered this level of love and faith in action before. I know that you had a really bad time sitting with John during his last hour or so, waiting for us to arrive. I can't thank you enough for that act alone. I know what it was like to have my mother in frail care and wonder how she was being treated (sometimes knowing how) when I wasn't there with her. Knowing that you all welcomed and loved John and gave him the very best care in such a safe and loving environment helped us immeasurably. I pray that our great God will give you the strength to do the very difficult work at Heartfelt, and that He will bless you mightily. I feel as though all of you are a part of our family, it seems so strange that I won't be seeing you so regularly now. I know that Jinty also misses the contact, and maybe in a while, we will be able to go back and visit. Love and many blessings to all at Heartfelt. I have been thinking of all of you a lot." - Janice Probert.

"We are eternally grateful for what you did for our dad, you are all very special people and will be with us always." - Ninon Peitzsch

"Realising my mom had Alzheimer's was heartbreaking, and further realising that we were not qualified to give her the care and attention she required, was worse. She has been at Heartfelt for nearly three years, and as traumatic as it was to leave her there, we knew in our hearts that it was the correct decision. Beautiful gardens, peace and tranquillity, spotless bedrooms are a few things that make Heartfelt, but it is the genuine respect and loving care that my mom gets every day that makes it a little easier to sleep at night. Visiting my mom once a week for these past years, I have viewed with awe and admiration, the continued high level of wonderful nursing from sister Barbara and sister Charlene. These two ladies are so compassionate, so special - truly amazing people. Thank you to the wonderful carers who treated my mom with such dignity, patience and gentle care. Finally Helen and Mark, thank you for Heartfelt and looking after my mom. Our family will be eternally grateful to you both." - Jenny Lopes

"The love and compassion with which the staff at Heartfelt show as they go about their daily task of caring for my beloved dad has to be seen to be understood, I will be eternally grateful to every one of them for standing in for me when I was no longer able to take care of dad myself." - Kay Pettenuzzo

“Our family had peace of mind these last couple of months, that he was well taken care of and given special attention during his stay at Heartfelt.” - Saneldi Caulfield

"Thank you for all the love and support you gave him, it was good to see him smile and be active, it meant a lot to the family and me. God bless you all for the difference you make for people and families with Heartfelt Home." - Richard Peitzsch

"It was an enormous blessing to my parents and to us children to have had the privilege to have spent time there. Right to the end with their passing it was made easier to bear knowing that they were in your care at the beautiful Heartfelt Home. The boundless caring and patience went way beyond the call of duty. We couldn’t have wished for a better place for them to have been when they were so frail and in need of the amount of care that they did. One can only hope that others in need of this care could find a home at Heartfelt." - Straeuli Family

"Seeing the homely, tranquil environment at Heartfelt and meeting the efficient, friendly staff, convinced the Schaberg family: this is where our dear Uschi will be cared for from the heart." - Hans Schaberg

"It is with a heavy heart that I am moving Brian, as the care that he has had at Heartfelt cannot be had anywhere else. The move has been very traumatic for me and driving away from Heartfelt was so emotional as I felt as if I was leaving family behind, as that is what you have all become to me. Danie, Maria, Trish and Charlene were all so sorry to see the big guy go, and that made me realise what Heartfelt is to everyone. One big family." - Rose du Toit

"Some of the happiest years of mom’s life were spent as a newly-wed on dad’s farm in the Karoo. Here, mom created a beautiful garden, had plenty of animals to love, and became part of a community who all looked out for each other. When it became apparent that mom needed special care, Helen and Mark took her – then aged 91 - into the Heartfelt family. For mom, Heartfelt is truly home from home. She is once more in farming country, surrounded by beautiful gardens, and resident dog Hamlet is on hand to be loved. At Heartfelt, mom is thriving – positively basking - in the loving care and attention she receives from the dedicated staff. Her dignity preserved, her special needs met, mom receives not only love and companionship, but also stimulation, appropriate to her age and condition. Mom is now 93, serene and contented, but also interested in the activity around her. We owe it all to the Heartfelt community and their loving care. Thank you to Helen and Mark, and to their remarkable staff." - Sandra Cleary

“I have been attending many residents’ psychiatric illnesses over the past few years and have always encountered an efficient and effective team at Heartfelt when visiting the residence. Heartfelt has a lovely atmosphere and is set amongst a lovely spacious garden within a very pleasant country setting. Heartfelt does not feel or look like the traditional frail care facility but has a warm homely atmosphere and environment. I have no qualms about recommending this care centre.” - Leandre Gauche (Psychiatrist)

"Hi Helen and Mark. Woke early and filled with so many emotions as I think and 'talk' to Brian. Then I remembered our happy and peaceful times at heartfelt. It has been 14 months since Brian passed on and I am filled with sadness but also so much love for Brian. I am eternally grateful for the times at Heartfelt, where he was looked after so very well. The walks among the orange trees, the teas in the garden, those are such special memories." - Rose du Toit

"I recently had the pleasure of spending 3 days at Heartfelt Home from Home. I was struck by the high standards set by all who manage and work there. The owners, nursing staff, caretakers and facilitators all ensure that each resident receives the appropriate level of care in a dignified and compassionate manner. Kindness is a key element in assisted living at Heartfelt. Heartfelt’s spacious, modern facilities are set in beautiful, secure gardens, which are enjoyed by all from the sunny verandah and during the daily walks. It is quite apparent that residents thoroughly enjoy the daily activities arranged by the Facilitators, the tasty meals prepared for them and the companionship of caregivers and each other. I highly recommend Heartfelt for peace of mind, when a loved-one requires assisted living." - Cherry Bosworth

"Dear Helen and Mark. I am not sure where to begin to thank both of you for the love and care shown to my mother in her four and a bit years at Heartfelt. When I first came to see Heartfelt, it was so much more than we had expected. Such a beautiful garden, such a well-planned and comfortable facility, such a peaceful and serene atmosphere – I was determined that this was where mom should be. When I brought mom to Heartfelt, I was overwhelmed in the days and weeks that followed by the care and attention that went into getting her settled. It was beyond expectation; I so appreciated all the emails letting us know how mom was. I was glad too that your assessments were honest, letting us know the score. Whenever we visited, there was always something on the go, always something to keep the residents interested, and for mom to watch. It was humbling to see the patience and resourcefulness of the carers in somehow getting through what had to be done. They remained unruffled, even at the most trying of times. And then there was their singing – very special indeed. The nursing sisters were all wonderful, keeping a watchful eye over everything, and I was glad to have met the facilitators also. Afternoon visits were very different to the mornings, with such a range of activities, yet calm and peace prevailed. I enjoyed seeing the latest handywork on display, some of it really ingenious. In my letter to everyone, I overlooked the cooks, the lady in charge of the laundry and the gardeners. We will miss our trips to Heartfelt: the welcome and the kindness we received from everyone, the many cups of tea, the garden (always lovely), the citrus trees (orange blossom and then oranges) and seeing mom so serene and well cared for – even nail polish – a first for her, especially on her toenails! And we will always remember the Heartfelt Christmas celebration. Bless you both for the very special work that you do - and often in the most difficult of personal circumstances." - Sandra Cleary

"Hi Helen – from the bottom of my heart – I would like to thank you for what you and your staff have done for her and what you do every day for so many needy people." - Dr. Sandra Weinder

"Helen en Mark. Baie dankie vir julle versorging, besorgdheid en persoonlike belangstelling in ons moeder. Dit was altyd vir ons 'n gerusstelling dat sy by HF in goeie sorg was. Dit was ook altyd vir ons 'n aangename ervaring om HF te besoek. Sterkte en voorspoed met julle goeie werk." - Dirk en Maureen Cronjé

"Dear Helen and Mark. Just wanted to express our sincere thanks for all you have done for dad during the three years he spent with you at Heartfelt. The love and care he received was amazing. Dad was very fond of you Helen and you had that special touch to calm him down when he got upset because someone was messing with his garden or lawn. Thank you for all your regular emails and photos to keep us up to date – being so far away it meant a lot to us even though there wasn’t always time to reply. May God bless you in the wonderful work you do providing a loving home where all are treated with dignity." - Sanet and Philip Edge

"Thank you - and all your team - for everything you have done day in and day out over these past 18 months to give my dad a special, beautiful place in which to try to adjust - assuming that is even possible? - to his own private hell, which hopefully he hasn't been able to recognise as such. We honestly could not have asked for a better place, or kinder people to take care of him at a time when neither my mom, Gary nor I were capable of managing him, and frankly, were utterly desperate. I will always be more grateful than I can hope to express for what your home and your personal generosity has meant to our family. Know that you are doing a wonderful thing!" - Collen Capel

"To everyone at Heartfelt, Helen, Mark, sisters Pam and Zoey, Marlene, Goldie and Elize, and all the carers, Lea and I would like to thank you from our hearts for the wonderful care you gave Ken over the 12 months he was with you. Your home is unequalled, I know because I investigated most of the places that look after Alzheimer's and dementia people. The beautiful gardens and orchard are so tranquil, and as Heartfelt was specifically built for people with these diseases in mind, it offers peace of mind to the families of sufferers. Your support to Lea and myself over this difficult period has been truly appreciated. Long may you continue this wonderful work." - Glyn Butler

"People like you make the world a better place because you think of ways to make a positive difference in the lives of others. People like you make those you come in contact with feel special by acts of kindness and deeds of thoughtfulness. You deserve the best out of life. Because that’s what you give. Thanks again and may your kindness and good deeds always come back to you." by Barbara Cage - Brigit Mosola